Conference Facilities

The core competence of the Nehru Memorial Museum and Library has been in the academic sphere, with seminars, workshops and lectures as the mainstay of its activities. The NMML Library Building has an Auditorium in the ground floor and a Seminar Room in the first floor. The Auditorium has a capacity of 296 and the Seminar Room 80. The NMML organizes lectures, seminars, workshops and panel discussions regularly in the Seminar Room and Memorial Lectures in the Auditorium. The academic programme of the NMML attracts a large number of audience and evoke scholarly discussion of high order. Both these facilities, located in the historic Teen Murit House complex, are much sought after for organizing programmes by various agencies in the capital.



Venue Capacity Rent( maximum 8hrs) Additional Charges (Per hour)
Auditorium 296 On working days – Rs.50,000/- Rs.5000/-
    Rs.70,000/- on Saturdays, Sundays inclusive of
Gazetted holidays
Seminar Room 80 On working days :-
3 hour charges (Rs.10,000/-)
5 hour charges (Rs.15,000/-)
8 hour charges (Rs.25,000/-)
(The rate of one hour will be charged if the time
exceeds more than half an hour) -
    On Saturdays, Sundays inclusive of Gazetted holidays
3 hour charges (Rs.13,000/-)
5 hour charges (Rs.22,000/-)
8 hour charges (Rs.35,000/-)
(The rate of one hour will be charged if the time
exceeds more than half an hour)

All the above rates are excluding 18% GST


Important Guidelines for use of NMML Venue and Facilities


1. Seminar Room/Auditorium facilities are generally provided to educational institutions, reputed NGOs, Trusts, Government departments & institutions, Foreign Missions, Cultural and Youth organizations, etc. The final decision regarding the booking rests with the Director, NMML. Organizers should fill in the requisite form and submit it to the Administration of the NMML. Outstation applicants can send their applications through e-mail, fax or courier.


2. Facilities available :


i. 2 mikes on the podium
ii. 6 mikes on the dais
iii. Sound system

Seminar Room

i. 18 Mikes

3. The entire booking amount must be paid in advance for confirmation of the booking. Payments can be made through NEFT/CHEQUE/DD drawn in favour of 'Director, Nehru Memorial Museum and Library' and payable at New Delhi.

4. Cancellation of Booking:

> With 20 days advance notice before the date of the meeting/programme are entitled to full refund.
> Between 15-20 days advance notice: 10% of amount paid shall be deducted
> No amount shall be refunded if less than 12 days notice for cancellation is given.
> Postponement of booking will be treated as cancellation and is subject to the above terms & conditions.

5. NMML reserves the right to cancel even the confirmed booking of the conference facilities without notice. In this case full amount of any rental already paid would be refunded.

6. Entry to the Auditorium is strictly from the rear side except for the VIPs/Chief Guests and Speakers.

7. Only three backdrops are allowed at the time of the event, i.e. one backdrop on the left side of the Main Gate, one in the foyer outside the main Library Building and one inside the Seminar Room /Auditorium. The backdrops can be fixed even a day earlier, before 7.00 pm, provided the venue, i.e. Auditorium/ Seminar Room is not engaged at that time. Any backdrop, banner or publicity materials within the NMML premises, beyond what is noted above, must have special permission. Besides this 3/4 signage are also permitted.


Size specifications for Backdrops

Seminar Room: 3' x 6'
Auditorium: 8'x 14'
Library Foyer: 8'x 6', 10' x 6'

Stage Size: Width: (Left to Right: 9metres) Depth (11 meters)


8. No additional furniture other than the fixed furniture would be provided by the NMML in the Auditorium/ Seminar Room.

9. No staple or nails should be used for flower arrangements inside the Auditorium/ Seminar Room. No attempt should be made to deface the walls inside these halls or anywhere else in the NMML premises.

10. The Institution will not be held responsible for any damages due to failure of electricity/air conditioning.

11. No facility for extra electricity/power would be provided.

12. Eatables and beverages are not permitted inside the Seminar Room/Auditorium. Consumption of liquor is strictly prohibited within the NMML premises.

13. Both the Seminar Room and the Auditorium are in the vicinity of Library Reading Hall; therefore organizers should strictly avoid making any noise around the venue.

14. Organizers should make their own arrangements for drinking water.

15. Every care should be taken that the Conference/ Meeting timings do not exceed the time period specified at the time of booking.

16. Use of cellular phones in the Reception Area and in front of the Seminar Room and Auditorium is strictly prohibited.

17. Organizers are required to get in touch with the Security Officer and the Care Taker of the NMML prior to the event. For any additional structure to be created for Lunch/Dinner arrangements, prior permission has to be taken.

18. Organizers are advised to make their own arrangement for streamlining the parking space within the NMML if the gathering includes VIPs and VVIPs. Security Officer must be informed in advance about the arrangements made.

19. Any cultural activity/performance which requires license must be organized only after the organizers have obtained the necessary license, etc. Any penalty fines occurring due to non - licensed function will be borne by the organizers.

20. In case of music concerts, the volume of music needs to be within acceptable limits and the NMML reserves the right to reduce/stop the music in case it disturbs the working of other units.

21. On arrival, please inform the Security Officer at the entrance.

22. Organizers/caterers should obtain an Exit Pass from the Security Officer before leaving the premises. The Exit Pass will be issued only after the area around the venue is cleaned.


Section Name Designation Email id Telephone No.
Center for Contemporary Studies
Conference Facilities / Programmes
Mr. Iqbal Ahmad Assistant Research Officer iqbalahmad(dot)nmml(at)gov(dot)in  
  Mr. Rajnish Ranjan Senior Research Assistant ranjan[dot]rajnish96[at]gmail[dot]com 23010666